Responsiveness issue or not ?

Hi you all,

I have a bit of a problem according the theme’s responsiveness.
Is there a solution ?

See the attachement.

Hey there @Pewie-37,

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I don’t see anything majorly wrong with your screenshot, but if you think it should look differently then I suggest asking the author of the theme for support. It looks like you’re using Avada, so the author is @ThemeFusion. They’ll know their theme best and can provide the most helpful information. Here’s their support page:



Sorrie 'bout that.
But the header

is cut off (T…)

Oh, I see it! Sorry, it was hard to notice since I’m not familiar with that language. :rofl:

Yeah, definitely get in contact with the author via the support link I posted above, they’ll likely know a way to fix that. Cheers!

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Ok costing me another 42 dolars sinds I have this theme form more than a year now


you can check the theme option is there any option to set truncate for that title. Another solution can be you can try to write media query for small devices and make that title font size small. Otherwise you have to contact Author and if they ask then you have to extend your support to get support from the Author.


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This is not support - it’s a bug and you get lifetime updates for those