RESPONSIVE theme advertised not actually responsive

I purchased a theme that looks like it was deleted. How do I get a refund or support? It is called wildhorn.

It was advertised as responsive but the homepage background image does not resize for iPhone. Can anyone suggest a code anne d for me to try?

Also it has a “collections” page where it displays my portfolio. Within that page it allows you to add other pages called “galleries” where you can display multiple images of your artwork. That’s all great but on the collections page when you try to add a gallery page using the + symbol it just grays out and doesn’t add the gallery page to the collection.

I don’t see any way to reach Themeforest or Envato directly.

Also it doesn’t seem to allow reviews on the Wildhorn sales page. The only review gives it 5 stars. Rip off

Unfortunately, you can’t review a deleted item, but it won’t show up in the marketplace anymore having been removed

How long ago did you buy the item?

It’s still on the internet :

Can you please address the more important issues than leaving a review? Can you give me advice to fix my issues?

This conversation will determine if I buy from you again. I can’t provide the purchase information I replaced my computer since then and lost a lot of data.

Firstly just to be clear - I don’t work for envato and you buy items from authors not envato.

There is not much that can be done about that link as the page has been deactivated, but no one can buy the item or see anymore of the reviews and it is likely that this page will diminish relatively quickly.

In terms of your refund - you can look here and if you purchased less than 6 months ago and that the issue is theme related and not due to any modification that has been made to it, then you should be entitled to a refund, however, if it was outside that period then you may not.

I can upload an export file if that is helpful for you in telling me how to make the homepage background image responsive. I would be happy with only that response if you want me to simplify what I ask if you

All anyone here can do is help find where to look for help.

  1. refunds need to go via support
  2. if you are outside the scope or time frame for refunds then you can find a freelancer to hire and help using
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Again you are not addressing my most important issue. I know a refund is not available without receipt. Please reply about how to make the image on the background responsive.

Also how may I leave a review for Envato? Other people should know about my experience

We’re not avoiding your important issue - this is a general forum and not somewhere that you will find technical support.

As per above if you need developer help then numerous vetted freelancers can be found

If you want to discuss the matter further then you can contact support but just to reiterate they cannot provide tehcncial support.

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So basically what I’m hearing is:

Your response is that my theme has been deleted, you can apply for a refund here, and we don’t offer tech support for my issue here. The theme is deleted so I can’t contact the author for support as suggested.

I’m never purchasing from you again and I hope this information is helpful to other readers of this forum who search responsive.

Again only in the interests of clarity. No one wants you to have a bad experience however it is important for everyone not to misunderstand policies, which wil in turn help prevent confusion.

Envato do not own the items and support is not provided by envato on any item.

You are right that contacting the author is not possible because the item has been removed. As per buyer T&Cs envato (because they do not own the items) cannot guarantee unlimited access should the author choose to remove their item. In this situation you need to contact support using the link given above.

If you purchased the item less than 6 months ago then you should receive a refund. If the purchase was outside of that period then it may not be possible and your best option is to hire help from a freelancer using the other link given above.

At no point regardless of the purchase being more or less than 6 months old will envato be able to provide technical support or bug fixes.

Again, no one wants to see anyone have a bad experience but all that members of this community can do is oint you in the right direction as per the T&Cs, policies, and process of the marketplace that we all agree to when joining.

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