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how can I make the Whole template correctly visualize on I-PHONE mobile ?
I did tests on Iphone 6 IOS 12.1 e Iphone 8 IOS 12.0.1.
Website/tempale is not visualize correctly on both.

Can you help me?



Hello @e-leadgeneration

You need to write responsive css for mobile devices in proper media queries

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Thanks for your message.

But the problem is that something is missing browsing the website from an IPhone, because the website works from Samsung, Huawei.
here is the link to the template we used



Hello @e-leadgeneration

Thanks for purchase from envato market, You can contact to author with screenshots for help

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have already written several times to the authors of the template but do not respond and i don’t have a feedback that they are solving the problem.

in the whole product specifications, on envato market, it is said that it is responsive. In practice, for iPhone it does not seem to be.

we would like an answer




Demo looks great on an iphone SE and iphone 7 here.

Is the problem you are haivng post customisation


for you, which customization could cause the problem?



What edits have you made? CSS changes?

What is the link to your site which is not working right?


I confirm to have made several changes to hide elements or change font size etc …but

No link, the site is not only good on IPHONE mobile, but on other mobile for example Samsung, Huawei is ok.

what is the problem? how can I proceed?