Responsive Mega Menu

Hi All,

I am working on a template and have to integrate a mega menu, can you please tell me which would be the best ? I can also buy a wordpress version if there is one which is simple like Avada or a menu used in canvas template… please help…



Superfly or Ubermenu can help you out for that kind of work.

thanks but Superfly is only a hidden menu and Uber menu is too complex and does not have extended license, so both useless. thanks again…

Bear in mind that you don’t have to use everything a demo shows - you can always just simply any plugin by selecting only some elements

Why do you need an extended license? What is the site you are building?

thanks charlie, I want a good responsive mega menu for template I will be selling here on themeforest.

That’s a slightly different proposition - you will need permission also from the author above any license.

Uber Menu would win hands down from our perspective. You are right it has a huge degree of options (you will find this is the case will most stock plugins to add versatility to their offering) but there’s no harm in just choosing what to use and customising the plugin to suit that (assuming the author is ok with that)