Resolving problem on unsupported item

My first thread on this community.

Here is the thing.
I’ve seen several good item both on CC and TF. The problem is, its not already supported by the author. It has huge sell around 7k and still counting. But the author seems not actively creating new item nor updating for 3 years or so, and not answering a single comment.

However, since it was great product, many longtime buyer are made good changes so it still can work along with improvement of 3rd party API, and actively providing solution to others in the comment section.

My question is, if any of these buyer, let’s say, providing his/her own updated item, so the item can still works, whether via github, or anything, then share it with other, does it break any Envato rules or license? As he/she might not determine that people who given shared items are already have its purchase code or not.

Yes it does break the license rules plus would be very risky for people to trust regardless

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Got it. Thanks. But it still okay to help resolving the problem on the comment section right? I’d like to post a link to give as an example but it will might claimed as promoting item, even it’s not mine.

It’s not suitable to use forums or the author’s intem comments to share things like this. If the author wanted to do it then they would and if there was a problem then it could create confusion and reflect badly on them