[Resolved] Renamed 50+ tracks in my portfolio. Today, they're ALL at the bottom of search!

Maybe @Jimmy_J or @BenLeong can answer this. I recently renamed a fair few well-downloaded tracks from my Elements / AJ portfolio and noticed that now they’re turning up at the VERY END of the search results for relevant terms in the title. Why is that? There’s no way they would turn up so low as they were earning fairly well before in more crowded sections.

Is there some kind of strong penalty for renaming? Seems like by trying to improve the relevancy of my titles I’ve just permanently shot myself in the foot with tracks that look like they are now pronounced dead. There’s got to be a better way to handle item updates.

Here’s an example. By searching ‘Celebratory Success’, the EXACT title of a recently-renamed track of mine, you need to wade through 11 pages of tracks, only to find that exact match right at the bottom, along with another similar item of mine, behind a swathe of other tracks that don’t share nearly as many similarities in metadata.

This doesn’t happen on AudioJungle, where the recent title changes have had a positive effect on my rankings. They appear where one would expect, but with Elements, I have apparently made an irreversible fatal mistake.

How is this fair?


More examples:

The track in question doesn’t even show up - but check out all these tracks which happen to have those terms in the tags! Every single one of them is shoved to the 45th page! Lunacy.

Hi James! Definitely not an irreversible or fatal mistake - I can already see your celebratory success track right up the top for that particular search query.

Currently, there is a short period after an Elements item update when you’ll see an impact to search visibility. That provides a window for discovering any issues with new content, before it’s broadcast out to customers. After that, item visibility returns to normal.

That setting will be changing soon though, so don’t worry too much about trying to reverse-engineer it :wink: For now, if you check back on your items a day after making any changes, you should see them performing as expected in search.


Now THAT is a relief. Thank you so much Ben! I was so upset and thought I had thrown months of work down the drain. Glad to see those tracks are ranking properly now. Appreciate you explaining this all!

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