RESOLVED: $60 deposit gone?! Requesting Expired Deposit Refund

Hi Envato Team,

I have spent 2 days searching and reading about different themes so I can finally purchase a new license, only when I finally logged into the account I see my $60 is gone! Can someone please explain.

PS. I just searched under old forum platform and found locked threads that our deposit expires 1 year after depositing. Never heard of that. Yes I do always click “I read Terms of Use” while I don’t. I am not a lawyer and I don’t think Envato is here to get me on the fine print. I tried to send a refund request but its only giving me an option if i paid for a theme to get a refund, but I don’t want a refund for themes I have purchased as I am very happy with them. I only want to get my $60 back which was deposited for a new theme not yet purchased.

We are a small non-profit volunteer group of people and $60 is a huge amount for us. It was deposited to save PayPal fees as we thought we would use it for another license, but we were not ready until now.

So we would very much appreciate it, if you can put back our $60 so we can purchase a new license and continue supporting the authors.

Thanks so much in advance.

Credits can expire after 1 year but if you let support know the details then they should be able to help

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Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the fast response really appreciate. I did go to that link originally but when i press “request refund” its asking me for a purchase code! As i wrote i dont want a refund what what i have already purchase only for $60 Expired Deposit. We would be very happy if Envato can help as you wrote just not sure how to request the refund of a deposit without writing a purchase code.

PPS. Charlie, I just found a form below “Request Refund” on the link you posted and I have sent a message. Thanks again.

Just to thank Envato Team for the fast response and for one time crediting back $60 to our account.

We are extremely grateful and appreciative :slight_smile:

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