Resolution Resizable (what is this option, and how to create such presentations) ???

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I often see After Effects templates with the option
Resolution Resizable resizable , what is this option and how are such presentations made ?? Where can I read about it or watch a video tutorial?

After effects can be non destructive. When precomping, choose the continually rasterize option if all inner layers are vectors. You could also use expressions to resize all precomps, so when your head comp resolution is set, they scale appropriately.

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if I create a presentation with a 4K resolution it can be considered resizable?


if the presentation is made in 4K resolution and when rendering the client selects for example 1920x1080 then it will not lose in quality … Why then this option will not work?

This still means that your presentation has a definitive resolution, 4K. You can downscale, but not upscale, that is not resizable.

Only non-destructive shape layers are truly resizable.

Presentation should be uploaded in 960x540 or 640x360 resolution.
And “Resolution Resizable” is not about the presentation, but about the project. What if your client takes a small element of your project and wants to stretch it to full screen? Of course, quality will be lost. If you want your project to be “Resolution Resizable”, it must be designed in such a way that quality is not lost. That is: use only the vector, shapes, and make the correct settings for the precompositions. Quality should not be lost even if an element is increased 1000 times

“non-destructive shape layers” — These are vector objects? or these are objects with the collapse transformation option enabled?

Vector objects, yes. When pre-comped, every pre-comp and every step of the hierarchy needs to have the collapse transformation option enabled to be non-destructive.

Simply put, there is a 99.9% chance your project is not non-destructive (i.e. not resizable). Just type in the resolution of your Render Comp in the resolution field. If it is 3840x2160, people do generally know they can also render a 1080p version. Maybe you can enter multiple options in that field separated by a comma, I’m not sure right now. But only do that if you have prepared several comps for different resolutions.

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