Resize psdmockup?

I bought a couple of PSD Mockups lately and they are really awesome, what I was wondering if there is a way of changing the format where you insert your sheet.

Lets say the psd is 4000x2000 but I only have a 1200x800 image, I would like to keep thesame quality if I resize the whole mockup.


In your case use the image you have (1200x800px) and don’t worry too much about the quality. Then save the document as a png or jpeg file and then reduce the image size to as low as you want (ie 2000x1000px or lower).

Thanks for your reply, but I mean the actually path layer, the layer you double click on and insert your image/design.

I have this flyer but the mockup is alittle to wide so my flyers top will be cut if I wanna show the whole flyer.

Any advice?

Hi again, in this case I suppose the only thing you can do is to slightly “distort” your image by making it “cover” the whole document by dragging the handles to each boundary of the smart-object document. This will make it more wider but it is the only way I can guess since apparently your image is not proportional to mock-up’s specifications.