Reshot: A Call for Content Diversity and Updates


I hope this message finds you well. I would like to express my appreciation for the fantastic work Reshot has been doing. The free-to-use illustrations and icons available on your platform are truly impressive. However, I’ve noticed a concern that I would like to bring to your attention.

It seems that some of the elements, particularly illustrations and icons, haven’t been updated for quite some time. This limitation is affecting us as users because we are in need of fresh and diverse content.

I kindly request you to consider updating your archive, enriching it with new illustrations and icons added within the last two years. Additionally, it would be wonderful if you could introduce new categories such as Mockup and music to further diversify the content.

Taking these suggestions into account will undoubtedly enhance Reshot, making it an even more powerful and appealing resource. Thank you for your current quality, and we eagerly anticipate future updates.

Best regards