reselling on other resources

Hi, Please help. I found a few my items on Etsy. I wrote into legal support of the Etsy about Intellectual Property Infringement there but any practical reaction. Also I tried to contact with sellers but unsuccesfully. What can I do yet? Possibly someone have a similar situation. Thanks for any help.

You will need to send a DCMA notice to ETSY. There’s not much things to do if they don’t take an action as you will need to solve the issue with their support.

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Thank U for the reply. I sent the DCMA, and got an answer - Contact to an attorney or try contacting the seller directly through Etsy (direct messages show mistake - sending failed).

Copyright infringement is something you need to resolve on your own as copyright holder, doesn’t matter where you sell.

Please give a few advises how it better to protect the created items. Plossibly you have an expirience in this area.

Keep originals of everything you create, screenshot creation process to be able to prove copyright if needed, keep record on when you published it first and where, what date it was available for sale on your accounts, as that’s something those who try to sell your items can not have. There is no way to protect items completely, and there will be always those who misuse, unfortunately.

Thank you for advise.