Resampling of our songs and sold as new product

So I’ve found this channel with the help of Identifyy. This person takes music from Envato and manipulates it to make some kind of vaporwave beats. I recognized a lot of known names from here, you might want to check it out. I’ve noticed that the beats are available for sale on bandcamp too.
Link to channel:

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The youtube channel seems to be completely empty, but the bandcamp has the music.
Well, products are not sold… or are they?

"All the music on this album is plundered and manipulated by MAGDALENE. This is a mixtape of slowed, chopped, and screwed music from royalty-free sites.

I take credit for the vibe, not the music."

Hm so you mean ContentID is strong enough to identify manipulated songs, this is cool news.

I wrote a polite message to this person to take down all content related to music from envato. Maybe in consequence he deleted from youtube first.

I had another song that was slowed, pitched down and rearranged that was found by Identifyy, so I guess it works this way too.

Oh ok. But the tracks were really on sale?

Good question, as I see now all are free and some are taken down. On sale or not, I believe that this kind of use of our items is not covered by license terms. I think it is a matter of confussion here between royalty free and copyright free from his part.
There are a lot of people who make this kind of music and sell them as their own (as I mentioned, happened to me, found in spotify, bandcamp on sale) so better safe than sorry.
At the end of the day, make your own music, don’t take mine, pitch it down and sell it… :slight_smile:

Well, I have seen my music being simply posted on background music channels… No problem for me, if there is some monetization, thanks for ContentID, the money will come in my pocket, not theirs :slight_smile:


True, a song used without a license on the background of a video should not be a problem regarding monetization. One of the biggest problems I personally have is my music being renamed, resampled (if even) and sold under a different name. Some just take the song as is and publish it under a different name on all streaming platforms. Believe me when I say, it is a pain in the back dealing with this, as I had a few and probably still have (undiscovered). Because of this, I’m not letting anything pass.

Regarding the example in this topic, it only brought me a few dollars but this is not the matter, even if there were more dollars, this kind of use of our music will bring nothing but harm. This person put it for free, what stops the next one to take it from there and publish it under his name. This should be our main concern.

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There is still all the music on bandcamp. Should I make a report?

In the updates he publishes codes on bandcamp, what can this be used for?

Doesn’t seem to be for sale, all of what I looked at was just free downloads. As stated above, they don’t claim the music, just the “vibes”. In the EDM world, we have a lot of people who do bootleg remixes of things for fun and shoot out for free downloads and such, I’ve done the same in the past. I feel his isn’t anything more than someone just doing some bootleg remixes and throwing it up for a free download and stream.

Now if they just took the music here and put it on there itself with no changes, that’s a different story. Which has already happened in other posts in the forums but really nothing Envato will do for those anyway. (given even in the terms & services of Envato you can’t really just alter the music and resell as it’s own thing)

So yeah, seems just someone doing bootleg remixes for fun.