Requires critic

What u say about this track, whether it is suitable in quality to add to AJ?

A bit chaotic. And I clearly hear dissonance in some parts. Not sure if it will be accepted, but give a try :wink:

What u mean under “chaotic”?

Hey @Gnep,
@TitanSlayer is totally right and my point of view is very similar…

  1. Very bad quality of instruments (vst’s) used and it’s not commercially viable here.
  2. Messy composition, can’t catch what this thing about.
  3. To odd samples and really lifeless rhythm.
    Don’t give up, just work harder and learn. After you’ll get it done right.

Hello Gnep,

I agree with both comments. Try to delete or change this dissonance notes in your track first. It sounds a bit odd. But I could imagine its not Envato’s policy to accept inappropriate dissonance - but as a newb I’m just answering with what I feel or hear. I know its hard to change a track when you’re already happy with it. But go for it!

Good luck anyway.
Have a great day!
Goethe Music

Thank you for your opinion.
I tried to bring a little bit, as I understand it. It has become better or worse? A little muted, but as I understanding, speaking of dissonance, you mean the conflict of sounds?

Hi Gnep!
What musical background do you have? It sounds like you need to study some music theory to get a better understanding of what works and doesn’t work harmonically. Right now the chords you are playing in the piano seems a bit random and creates dissonances with the other instruments. You should also get some better sounds. And I really recommend learning to play the piano. I know many composers composes music by step input directly into the sequencer these days, but to know how to play an instrument will also help you understand better how things are connected harmonically in music and give you the musically foundation you need to compose music. Hope this helps and keep posting your music to get feedback!


Hi, I’m 99% sure that this item in this form wouldn’t be accepted, it is missing real melody, piano notes sounds messy and they are not connected with this dance lead, which is in my opinion useless in composition like this. Try to go with small steps in the beginning, create interesting melody with piano only (just listen other tracks with piano on audiojungle) and post it here, then you should add some interesting strings in the background, and maybe some percussion. Try to rebuild this track from scratch and then we will see what to do with this. Best regards, Marcin