Requirements that my template must meet

I can’t find information anywhere about the requirements that my template must meet in order to sell it here.

  1. My template uses third-party components, for example ZOO and Quix. Does the component have to fulfill some requirement, for example that must be updated to its latest version?
  2. In which browsers should the template render excellently?
  3. Can I use any plugin and/or third-party component that I need? Are there any restrictions on this?

Thank you. I would like to know all the necessary requirements that my template must meet in order to be sold here.

Does any one of these articles relate to your item?

Thank you. I forgot to mention it. My template is a Joomla template. Do you have specific documentation about the requirements for a Joomla template?

This might be the best fit as it also mentions Joomla.

You could also take a look at the current Joomla Templates to get an idea of the quality standards.