REQUIRED: Found add_meta_boxes in the file inc/cs-framework/classes/metabox.class.php.

When I am checking my theme using Envato theme check plugin, then it’s showing that issue. I didn’t see this error before two months ago for developing another theme.
Please help how to overcome that or good suggestion?

It’s Codestar framework, I suppose. Do not include the framework files under the theme files but instead use TMGA to load the framework as a plugin

I have tried that, there showing an error when trying to see live preview of the theme before plugin activation.
i.e. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function cs_get_option()


Create a function in your theme for getting options. Let’s call it theme_get_option
In this function, check if plugin is activated, if so, call cs_get_option, if it’s not, return a default value for this option. You can store default option values as an array.


function theme_get_option($optionName)
    if( plugin activated ) {
         return plugin_get_option($optionName);
    } else {
        return OptionDefaults::getOption($optionName);

 * Option defaults storage.
class OptionDefaults
    $defaults=  [
        'logo_ttile' => 'Awesome theme',

   public static function getOption($optioName) {
       return self::$defaults[ $optionName ];

 * You can also use this class when registering options, for default values.
 * Pseudo-example:

   'type' => 'input',
  'name' => 'logo_title'
  'default_value' => OptionDefaults::getOption('logo_title')
   // This way you can make sure that your default values forthis option will be the same regardless if  plugin is activated or not activated.