Required 2d Characters For 2d Game


We need two 2d Characters. One is Male and another is Female for platformer jungle theme game. Each part of the character should be on different layer.

Notes : We need 1. AI Format File
2. EPS Format 300i Resolution File.
3. PNG File.

Time Frame: 2 Days from the job start.

All the reference images are available in below Google drive link. and you can get the description for each below.

Reference URL :

Below is the attached sample of the character we need our character relate to ===> Reference Image Sample 1 : SampleCharacter.gif

The color theme should relate to ===>Reference Image Sample 2 : SampleColor.PNG

Reference Image For Men Hair Style ===>MaleHairStyle.png
Reference Image For Female Hair Style ===>FemaleHairStyle.jpg

Reference Image For Men Cloth Style ===>MaleClothes.jpg
Reference Image For Female Cloth Style ===>FemaleClothes.jpg

If you have any doubt we can also discuss here.

All conversations and contacts would be under envato.