Require Experience HTML developer for my already approved PSD Template (Partnership or Fixed Price)

Need HTML developer for my already approved PSD Template

  • Partnership or Fixed Price

“I have already approved 2 PSD Template want someone convert those into HTML

You can check it here my approved PSD

  1. We can do partnership and share profit (50% - 50%)
  2. I am also open for Fixed price (Pl. tell me your Fixed price)

Email me:


Thank you.

Hello Sushan, myself Ravi saw your design and i can help you with your portfolio design if you want. But before i need to know some details like what price you have in your mind for that Design after creating. Tell me and then we can discuss it. By the way you can check out my cv design on its not complete yet but its workable.

Hello @ravitaneja

How you want to work on Fixed price or partnership ?

We can discuss on Skype if you want.
Add me on Skype:web.sushan

Hi, add me on skype: alexamp

i am not find you skype