Requesting option for Sales number limit basis Discount

Hello everybody,

As we all know Envato provided us a great way of giving discount on our approved items by the option called Manage Discount. Now we can provide discount on our item for a time period with date range. It’s a great feature for us and I believe you’all agree with me.

I am here to propose that this Discount feature would be more interesting and useful for us, if we can be able to run the discount period with item sales volleumn when item reached a number of Sales instead of date.

For example: 20% discount sales till item reach 50 sales.

The date period is fine, but I would request Envato if it’s possible to consider the option of sales limit discount.

Thanks in Advance

as we know as promotion for discount Items can be run at most 60 days a year and stable price for 30+ days for the item. then your suggestion will break this terms. for example 50 sales can take 6 months or more period. So, as an author I think this will not be logical and acceptable. Thanks

(not a lawyer so it may not be the same in Australia) In some locations, any discount/promos have to have a fixed start/end point which is why they all use times dates which are not subjective in the way that a volume of sales would be.

I’ve seen themes here offering ‘for the first 50 buyers’ but that is something manually controlled by the author and not conducted/managed/automated by envato

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I see the point. Thanks for the clarification.