Requesting ideas/feedback for low-priced project

Hi there!

For a low-priced “Server dashboard/UI w/o monitor” project I’m looking for ideas and user feedback for the type of information to display. There are many versions available and all have their own USP’s, some including monitoring and notifications etc. Others are too specific, or require the installation of extra tools which isn’t always easy or even possible (client servers or shared hosting etc).

The USP of my project will be the KISS principle: only display the things you want to see. Think in widgets of information:

  • Server hostname, versions of software installed (including realtime check to see if their up to date) and current uptime (reported by OS)
  • Load averages (realtime)
  • Realtime network activity
  • Current connections
  • I/O Streams etc
  • MySQL load (if credentials are known)
  • Port checks (local and secured remote check)
  • Used and free diskspace
  • … Your suggestion?

My “goal” with this project is to provide the community a single-page solution that can be used to display information about that specific server by your specific needs. One file upload with your settings. How easy can it be?

Think out of the box regarding the widgets you would like to see available. Even things like (RSS/ATOM-) feeds are thinkable. Fetching the current version of your sitemap.xml i.e. could be something you’d like. I don’t know! That’s why I’m asking your help haha!