Requesting help with rejected submissions

My last 2 submissions were rejected, and as stated in the email, I’m asking for some help in understanding how to correct the problem(s). In both cases, the reason was… less than specific: “This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately.”

I saw that “elaborate solos” aren’t good, but I didn’t think this was over the top for the jazz piece considering the genre? (Solo starts about :30)
This Jazz

The Memorial piece - just not sure:
In Memorial

I greatly appreciate any helpful advice or observations you’d care to share with me on why they were rejected and how I can improve. Thank you in advance.

Hey SA,

I’m no expert on either of these genres, but reasons for rejection I can see in both are;

This Jazz- the lead guitar sound is too ‘MIDI’. It would help to make this sound more natural and real.

In Memorial- sounds really good until you get to one of the pauses like at 0:51 or 1:34. You could edit these to sound more natural too.

Hope that helps a little!

Thank you for the feedback, that makes sense to me.

This is my first rejection so I’m not sure how it all works, but the email stated that I could not resubmit this tune. Do I risk some type of adverse effect to my account if I make those corrections and submit? Or does ‘resubmit’ have a different meaning in this context?

–Edit: NVM, I found the article concerning “significant changes…”

If the buyer (in theory) will buy your track “This Jazz” will decide to read the text, it will make it quieter -6, -10 dB. Where you will get your bass and Kik ? think about it.

“In Memorial” is very specific., the inspectors decided that it is no place to apply. and mixing like “the jazz”. This is my opinion , it can’t be true. Good luck.

Wow second one sounds nice, what did you used for Choir? sounds great
You are indeed got some skills, just try to make some typical AJ stuff, i’m pretty sure you will succeed. :wink:

This Jazz is awesome, totally can imagine in it in cooking vlog or something.