Requesting Feedback on Track Rejection

This track is music for nature documentary and its relevant atmosphere.
I have just been notified for a track rejection and do not really understand why.
Any feedback or explanation from the expert group here would be highly appreciated.


  1. Quality of mix
  2. Quality of sample libraries
  3. Arrangement
  4. Voicing
  5. Ending

Not a reviewer just my opinion. AJ standard is not as high as it should be but you need to submit much higher quality.

Too much dissonance. It’s not about nature, it’s feels like criminal documentary suspense. Need more layers and some percussion or piano theme development.

The high strings don’t work well within the composition. The dissonance indeed sounds completely out of place.
The piano theme could work but you need to make it more engaging, less repetitive. I can see the midi blocks in front of me when listening. It needs to breathe and give a sense of realism. Also if you are composing for a documentary, realise that there are usually a lot of other elements like voice-over/ sfx. This music would be competing with that, get in the way.
Watch and Listen to good high quality documentaries and compare your music to the music used in the background of such productions and try to improve.