Requesting feedback on the presentation of first Themeforest item

I submitted my first item 11 days ago and since then have been trying to improve the presentation as much as I can before its approved(or rejected) by reviewers. I’m requesting feedback from other perspectives regarding the presentation of my item. I tried focusing on the most important features and keeping the presentation short. Below is the link to the product page.

I think your features are great (especially site builder), but design is low, and probably you will get reject because of design - that’s my opinion, maybe I’m wrong.

But, I think with good (better) design and your site builder you can have good sales.

I think the layout is really nice, but you might want to break the text up a bit with some icons. Simple white icons on the informational popping boxes would work, maybe screenshots in others.
One thing that is missing is what platform does this export out too? Straight html, WordPress, blogger, or…?
As a designer if I didn’t know what capacity I could use this in I probably would skip over it. I love the premise of the software and will keep an eye open for it. I would give it a try.

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Builder exports pages as PHP files while header, footer, sidebar are exported as HTML files. I’ll make sure to mention that. Thanks for the feedback.