Requesting either a fix or a refund for my Grace Under Pressure Theme

I purchased the Grace Under Pressure Theme for the “Literary” part of the theme. I am unable to get the theme to work as it shows on the demo at:

I have submitted two different tickets:


No one has responded to my request to fix my theme to look like that literary demo. I have provided both a user name and a password on both of those tickets. I prefer to have the theme fixed, but if they won’t fix it, I would like to request a refund.

Thank You


Please post a comments in your purchased theme Comments Page and let then know that you have created ticket in their support systems/database and need help. So that author can assist you.

Also you can check theme Documentation hope will get proper help.


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Thank you. I have posted on their comments page.

There is no theme documentation that explains how to make it work. Hopefully, the author will respond.