Requested refund (5 days later)

Refund request ID : dc60b0ce-3797-4d5a-a6f6-904b2be90028


It’s been 5 days and Plaza Themes have not responded to the refund request. These seems to be no clear way to raise a dispute so I am left with resorting to PayPal’s mechinism unless there is a alternative I have missed?


Raising a dispute isn’t a good idea, as it will immediately lock your account and only slow the process down more.

Instead, wait two more days and see if the link shows up. I’ve heard several people say the dispute link only appears after 7 days, contrary to what the help center and refund page states.

If it still doesn’t appear after two days, then you can manually open a dispute via a Help ticket - be sure to include the refund request ID. This might be slower than the dispute link because it will take time for them to send the ticket to the right team, but they’ll get it sorted for you ASAP.

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