Requested a refund, script not working, tech support continues to not fix the problem

I’m having a problem with item support

1.Item has a security vulnerability
The project’s documentation has security risks and security holes that the author does not fix to deal with them

This file has serious security issues, and using it would compromise my security losses

2.not as described

The project according to the project’s installation documentation requirements, enter the contents of my licence file, the idea of the code can not be installed successfully, there is an error reporting problems, the author does not respond to deal with

It has been more than 2 days, the author still does not reply to solve my problem, I am now going to apply for a refund immediately, do not want to use such a bad service experience, less than a week after the purchase of such a bug problem, the first time the technical support are dealing with such a slow attitude!

Already submitted a work order in the author’s support centre, it hasn’t been dealt with, doesn’t reply to my messages, doesn’t deal with the problem, and I’ve been purchasing for less than a week


Purchase information is below:

Request sent
May 13, 2024 (1 day ago)
Main refund reason
I’m having a problem with item support
Has the item been downloaded?
Has the purchase code been downloaded?
Effective support dates for purchase
May 11, 2024 — November 10, 2024
Purchase date
May 11, 2024 (3 days ago)
Purchase code
Refund request ID
Price HelpThe price includes sales taxes made with the purchase. It does not include handling fees.

Based on the above questions and customer_refund_policy

Now I need to apply for a refund as soon as possible, I hope that the official envato team will give support and assistance, this is a bad buying experience!

You should wait for the author to respond, in some cases it may take longer.
Just read the details and check if you could request refund:

As the item has been downloaded already, you may not get refund.

I suggest to let the author to read and respond - wait for few more days.

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On their support tabs, it says clearly 2 business days, so you should expect a reply today, not on the weekend. An item with more than 3k sales and almost 5-star item …

So you purchased it on the weekend, asked for support on the weekend, and requested a refund on Monday because you haven’t received a reply, repeating a few times “as soon as possible” and this is a bad buyer experience? Yes, a bad experience for the author, hopefully, you’ll stay at Code Canyon and do not come to Themeforest, because everything you do is a bad experience for everyone, shame!

There are top authors here, with top items that they do reply to after 5-10 days, and still, you’ll not see behaviors like yours, sorry, but that’s the true.


I was wondering how he could find the vulnerabilities but “not as described” but actually gave me ideas why it’s been asked for refund, I just didn’t want to get involved with the conversation but well said!

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I have been going through issues with an author for 5 months… 1 month of support left and still no working script… We have hundreds of scripts running on our servers and most we have installed and configured for the clients our support runs out in a month and if it does not work by then, we will have a public forum go at fixing it…
There will be NO refund from Envato unless the author agrees.

I am having a nightmare with an author with 5 star as well…that is FAKE, they also remove their comments unless it is a simple question or a compliment, but I get to read most of them first as I am always on their page, I am NOT the only one not happy, but they make it look as such… reviews and ratings that are not written in a way that people actually talk are generally fake, also when the review is “great code quality” you know it is not a customer…

The world now is quite strange. You go to a restaurant and you pay $100 for 1h and you are happy, or buy every day a coffee for $5, but you buy a script use it for 5 months, lose author time too, and then you expect a refund?!

Also, there is no such thing as a fake review when you see 5 stars for “great code quality”, that’s a customer who doesn’t have time to write a review. Usually, the 1-star 10 lines of review, are quite fake just to get the money back and to scare future customers!

Better analogy, you sit in the restaurant for an hour and during that time, the server comes many times yet not once does he bring you what you ordered, yet you get a bill for $100 and you feel that you should be happy?
As for the fake review thing google says that about 42% of ALL online reviews are FAKE so keep believing what is in your head and does not reflect reality.
I never once stated I wanted a “refund” I only want exactly what was promised on the page that I clicked on to buy the product…THAT IS IT!
NEVER is the customer the one in the relationship that should be accommodating the seller…


If you haven’t received any support by now, it’s hard to believe you’d get within the last month. All of the items are at the Marketplace come “as it is”. While a custom theme with a OK design usually takes around 3 month to finish the project as well the cost is around $5/6k, when you purchase the copy for 40/60$, you’re willing to take the risks those come with the package. Some authors gave their income/time to provide support , some doesn’t provide at all - All of these issues started with Envato’s “support” feature that some of the buyers do not understand where the modification/customization/installation starts. I’m not telling specifically this is your case but if you’re having issue with the item you have purchased, you ask the author for the fix/update and if it’s not happening, your options are limited to “fix it yourself” or “hire someone to fix it for you”. If those options are not working for you, you can hire a person/company to do the all coding for you, as you like.

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AGAIN…YOUR customer is doing YOU a favor by giving you their money, what you project costs and how long it took is of no concern to the purchaser, I will be sure to avoid buying your items as you feel that customer service is not the main focus and you concern for the clients happiness is secondary… I have thousands of hosting clients, and have had for many years and everytime we get a complaint, it is our opportunity to learn and do better!

I do care about “clients happiness” as long as they respect me and the time I spent. I’m not exactly sure about your problem with your current item but if being realistic, you’re not getting paid 20/50$ per item per client - if you were, you’d be acting the same, of course…

It’s not favor if you’re working for it. If this is the case where you think you’re doing favor while buying an item, maybe you should stop doing favors.

Of the over $499 paid, I am sure they get more than 20$… with support due in a month at about 80% of that, I feel the right to be upset…

Not sure about which item you’re talking about or you paid for customization, etc. Depends on lots of details…