Request to Enable 6-Month Support System for My Product

Dear Envato Support Team,

I would like to enable the 6-Month Support System for my product on Envato. This extended support period will allow me to provide exceptional service to my customers, ensuring their satisfaction and addressing any post-purchase concerns. Please guide me on the necessary steps to activate this feature.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

You already have it Support for WoWonder Flutter - For WoWonder Social PHP Script

Check this

Here we mean in this place when purchasing the application as an example


As @charlie4282 you will have purchased the item which comes with 6 months standard support - BUT that support is only from the author to YOU. Furthermore your screenshots suggest you purchased a REGULAR LICENCE which means you can only use it for one customer (not customers plural).

Envato made clear in their item support policy that they do not consider the mobile category to be supportable, so this feature will not be available for you. I would not imagine you’d see very many support extensions anyway, as most buyers in your category are highly technical and can support themselves.

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