Request to check the cause of my template "Hard Rejected" ?

I added my first template in the market and it was Hard Rejected.
I complied with all standards, including licenses / documents / import files / installation packages, etc.

I put the demo link, thank you for knowing your opinion about my template.
My Template Demo

One thing I noticed was that in the images I used in the template, I put my domain name in the images (for example, I named the slider images as follows: 01_mydomain.com_slider1.jpg or 02_mydomain.com_slider2.jpg and …). But I do not know what other problems he had.

Thank you very very much.

I can see a lot of little issues. In general there are problems with typography for example in footer section by “all rights reserved” there are a link but I can barely see it, spacing issues, aligning issues, plus some server issues - Contact us .

Maybe it is better to start with something smaller ? maybe HTML

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Thank you for your comment. But is the item hard rejected for a typographic reason?

Hard to say, the rejection reason could be anything. To ensure that your item will be accepted especially for the first time your item must include this things:

  1. Your item must be unique since the Envato is the premium market so the customer must not find free alternative on the internet.
  2. Must include design best practices (typography, white space, hierarchy)
  3. Code best practices.

And attention to details of course.

Best regards

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Thanks for Share your comments.

I will be very happy if other friends check my template and tell me about possible problems.
:pray: :pray: :pray:


  1. Text to small;
  2. On the about us page and contact page you have a suitably sized banner image - but then on the Gallery, Blog, Search, Tags etc pages, it looks like you couldn’t be bothered with thinking how to improve the top banner backgrounds;
  3. Footer text is too small, the phone us now buttons (highligted in green) at the bottom - they don’t seem to be a tel link - just text against a green button. Bear in mind when people see a BUTTON, they will assume it does something!
  4. Accordion differences - homepage FAQ looks okay, go to the About Us Page and you have a dull grey accordion with no themeing.

Hope this helps. Best wishes and at least you tried.

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