[Request] Reason for Rejection

Hi guys,

Half of the threads on the forum are people looking for the reason their product was rejected.

I think that the person who should answer this question should be the reviewer.
Why isn’t there an option for that? This issue is not taken seriously.

The response to giving such a long time and producing a product should not be an automatic message.


Years ago the reviewers would leave personalized feedback on your items, but the amount of items being submitted has grown by a huge amount, so if they still left feedback then review times would have to be increased even more than they already have.

It’s just not realistic for this to happen anymore.

However, if your item is soft rejected, which means that it has potential if a few things are corrected, then the reviewer will tell you what needs to be done.

Also keep in mind that the vast majority of people asking for feedback on the forum have little to no experience in the first place.

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Yes, I understand, but this method does not solve the problems, it is quite difficult to find out what the error is from others, I could not find out my own problem. No one else was able to help either. This shakes my trust in CodeCanyon.