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I have been in mobile marketing for many years, in an economy-developing country (Indonesia) that which shows the low purchase level.

My concern: Has yet to find a punch card plugin that is affordable and can be self hosted, which means we can download it and use it within our hosting (e.g. as a WP plugin within our wordpress site or PHP script).

I was a fan of Innova App:

Sadly the system’s gone, I think mainly due to investment not returning for them. They used to sell for $47 one-time for developers license. This WP plugin lets us use code-based loyalty rewards. We can create a personal login page with our personal brand (whitelabel). We can produce 5-25 codes and those codes are produced unique per visitors. Visitors can visit the site, sign up, punch in the unique codes, and after it reached certain threshold, they can claim it. Claiming requires the involvement of business’ staff (e.g. restaurant cashiers, etc) to input secret password in order to confirm the claim (in other words, visitors can’t fully claim, in order to stop them cheating the system).

I went on to purchase and made good profits out of it. Turns out the developer went bankrupt (Innova App Mobile Rewards is nowhere to be found on internet), the plugin’s outdated (doesn’t work with newest WP version anymore), and I’m left with clients whom I tell the feature isn’t working anymore.

Another came out after they took the essence of Innova App’s service and made something else:

But they charge on monthly basis and on top of it, they need us to pay before we can fully demo our client’s version of promotion (since the seller only have their own demo). And to add to it, I don’t think they develop this system on an evergreen platform, hence why now it’s ‘closed’. Why close it off if it is a potentially profitable system?

I’ve been searching for similar solutions online, but to no avail as mostly charge somewhere from at least $49 - $99 per month for this kind of feature. Not to mention those are mostly hosted in their brand / app, so we cannot do it whitelabel for our clients.

Why is this a problem? Well, remember when I said I’m from Indonesia? I’m lucky if businesses are willing to pay for around $35/month (after local economy currency conversion) to get mobile solutions for them. It can’t even add-up if I had to pay $49 - $99 / month just to be able to implement white-label punch card for their website, notwithstanding I still need to think about paying for a mobile responsive WP theme, the app builder, other mobile marketing plugins, etc.

You may think that paying $49 - $99 / month is a small thing, but for us in Indonesia where average bachelor’s degree salary is only up to $500 (compared to $2000 in Singapore / USA), that is a huge amount.

So I am looking for anyone who is thinking about developing this kind of feature. Here’s the scenario:

Example for a restaurant. How do customers claim? We print code in their receipt (e.g. $100 purchase amount to 1 code), e.g. “CBXYA”. Customers then create an account or login if they already have account, submit that code (CBXYA), then get the points. Inside the members area, there are options of rewards (by claiming 10 codes, 15 codes or 25 codes, or however much codes we want). Once they claim for example a 10-codes rewards, there’ll be a page with password and submit button which tells the customer to show to a restaurant staff, where they will put in staff-only password and tap confirm. Staff will know about this and proceed to tell cashier staff to input the claimed rewards into their receipt (ex: free ice lemon tea).

This way, customer have full access to doing this on their own. The restaurant’s staff involvement is only in inputting staff-confidential password in order to confirm visitors claiming the rewards.

The main objective:

  • To not have a monthly payment plan pretty please. Most programming developers aiming to get $$$ on monthly basis. That is great and I understand this since I’m an app builder owning a whitelabel reseller, but it is not viable for economy-developing country with low purchase level (understand the fact that 2 such countries are top 5 world populations, which are India and Indonesia). I’ve been doing this since 2013 and 80-90% biz owners are not even willing to pay $50 / month for mobile service like this.

  • To be able to host it on user-friendly platform such as Wordpress. Doesn’t have to be whitelabel, but as long as it can be hosted in client’s hosting so that mobile app developer like me can host it inside their app i developed for them as well. Most punch card providers force us to use it in their website / webApp, but it’ll look funny inside the app I developed for clients, because most of these providers will put up an interstitial header asking clients’ customers to download their own app instead.

I understand that programming developers want to get $$$ from their software, so as to be able to fund their project (and to not go bankrupt like the innova app plugin provider mentioned above). So here’s a solution that I’d chime in for choices:

  • Make it a single site (e.g. $47), multi site (e.g. 5 sites for $97) or developers license (unlimited for $197). That way people pay more if they have more clients. What is to stop a biz owner accessing this forum and purchase punch card feature for their own biz and not for others? Hence the single site license.

  • Sell it at higher price in code markets like in here (codecanyon / envato). Only charge per updates and support (on 6-month basis), I think this will be a good idea.

Hopefully this is enough information. Lastly, I apologize if my words offended any that may also think very sensitively on the sentence “economy-developing country with low purchase level”, I kept mentioning this line because I myself am in such condition. I can’t count how many potential projects I’ve lost because clients gave a strict monthly budget (they have low purchase level), only for me to reject because the pricing didn’t fit in (after domain name, hosting, features, etc).


Hey, I just came across your interesting post. Were you able to locate a solution as I am looking for exactly the same thing :slight_smile:

Hi, @joed777.

Thanks for reply. Sadly, no, I haven’t found it yet.

I am using mobile-app based system though, if you are interested. There’s pro and con to this, but if you’re interested you can contact me.

Did you find any solution?

Hey @baileyherbert, any ideas?

Unfortunately none in this case. We definitely need someone to make a plugin like this.

Maybe I can write up a plugin in a couple of months, if nobody else does it first. :wink:


How soon @baileyherbert can you do that? it should be a mobile app for android and ios. The issue is the specific requirements of the potential

If you are still looking for this thing, Let us know and we can help you out with that.

Hi @dasinfomedia, thank you for your interest. We are definitely looking for something like this.

Basically if it’s possible, should be something like:

If you see both, they use mainly QR code scans. QR Code is great, but I don’t think QR code is really needed, unless admin system can ‘generate 1 unique QR Code’ per session (to prevent a QR code being used multiple times). My clients who use my app loyalty system generally stress on the security, to prevent gamification fraud usage.

We use alphanumeric passwords which just need to be set using password given by the owner. My example app:

We have one weakness though, this app feature acts like a real stamp loyalty card. If you lose the card, you cannot get any stamp, right? The same with our apps. If you uninstall the app / phone stolen / accidently broken the phone, even iOS backup & restore won’t return back previously stamped in-app cards. It relies heavily on in-app cache, so that even a simple uninstall-reinstall procedure will cause stamps to be gone.

However this time with a new plugin, it should be on steroids. Meaning one user can login / register account and then have stamps in there, regardless of lost phone, broken, etc. And what’s better is that it should try to be a plugin for wordpress, as we fully rely on wordpress for anything else (other than the app itself).

Hopefully this is clear enough. And yes @dasinfomedia, we definitely are looking for solution like this, but just don’t ‘help out’ for us, create a product like this yourselves and we’d be more than happy to purchase. Something like this created and we can easily compete with many competitors who are offering expensive monthly solutions instead.


Hey, DiditzZz! You have definitely done your homework and bring up some great points. I am willing to pay some dollars to have a custom script built. If anyone wants to share the cost so that we can hire a developer, let me know. Are there any developers are there that are willing to build this solution???

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I love the loppyloyalty and stampme platforms.

These guys also appear to offer some nice loyalty platforms:

Just an FYI - we were discussing something similar for a client recently and after research, assuming that you want to do things properly and not just basic hack solution then you have 2 options:

  1. there are numerous (not necessarily expensive) apps out there that can be used. Some are a little basic but many are solidly built, by experts with added analytics and more.

  2. you can try do it yourself but it’s not basic development and hiring a freelancer will equate easily to quite a few months subscription on a dedicated app with future bug fixes and updates proabably costing more than the subscription going forward.

Thanks @joed777. And lol, @dasinfomedia just mentioned he’d do it. The question now is that if he is willing to build this as an open source solution to sell in Codecanyon, costing somewhere between $30 - 50. But if it’s a private freelance project, I imagine it’ll cost $100-200 and we need to pay for every update, I’ll have to think about it.

If he really decides to sell it as open source in CC, I’ll use every methods possible to blog and promote about this system, helping him sell the script even further.

Hey, guys! I am willing to commit several hundred dollars and perhaps more for a dedicated and custom solution. I want a solution that I can host on my own server (thus, more control) and also have a payment gateway to charge other users, with free trials for users, etc. Is anyone willing to share the cost with me and we all have access to the same solution? I am ready to commit and move forward. Can anyone set me up with a talented developer?

Here’s another program that appears like the right solution:

Again just so you are aware - a fully working and professional standard version of what you are after should be tens of thousands of $ especially if you are talking about white labelling it to other users.

If you are planning a mobile app version like some of the ones mentioned earlier then it becomes even more work to get to the standard for the app or play store.

I am sure you could find someone willing to do it for far less, but I would bet at the same time that there is a reason why they would.

This is all before you get into the legal, hosting, security. etc. costs to run something like that with the scale of confidential data being managed.

any solution?

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