Request for feedback - THANK YÕU

Hi Guys, I’m writing in a new style (inspiring acoustic pop folk?) and just had this first attempt hard rejected. I obviously got the generic rejected response and am just looking to hear some actual advice and guidance on why it was rejected and how I can improve. I’m grateful to any other artists who take the time to check it out:

“Smiles in Their Eyes” by Kyle Wittlin

Thanks a million!

Hi there! My first impression is that the mix is to much diffuse. I feel a lot of spaces between the instruments. Maybe you can use more instruments or Eq to cover the empty spaces. The second thing: this song is much more a kid song than Indie Folk/Pop. I also know that some songs were rejected because were uploaded in a wrong category. So maybe they will accept your file if you will upload in the kids category and will correct the mix. Best Regards :smile:

HoneyLoud, thanks A LOT for your time and solid advice. I will take that to heart and explore filling out the sound. Many thanks!

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