[Request] Code to play Youtube direct link by Jwplayer

I want a plugins or something like that can play youtube direct link by Jwplayer
I want to play Youtube video, but from direct link
Here is direct link I have after get from youtube.com/watch?v=54acHHUqObM

I tried redirect link but still not works
javascript code
file: “http://taivideoyoutube.com/video/54acHHUqObM.mp4”,
width: “100%”,
skin: “five”,
ga: {},

I’ve tried everything I have but it doesn’t work, error: wrong youtube id or cannot read property pausevideo of null.

The links you posted contain a lot of parameters, the links are a bit strange…Do you have a test page you could post, so that we can help you better?

Youtube videos can be called in jwplayer by using these:

direct link to help page: https://support.jwplayer.com/customer/portal/articles/1406725-youtube-video-embed