Request: Broadcast License for Videos

It happened again.

Last night I was watching the Champion’s League final and around 11.30pm, the corner of my eye caught something very familiar to me being broadcasted on Tv. I turned around so fast that I almost broke my neck but what I saw was on of my logo stings!

As always I was super happy so I opened a beer to celebrate, but after a sip I realized that that beer costed me probably more than what I got in return from my video being in a Tv ad… :joy:

So here’s my request:

  • What about a Braodcast License for videos?

I believe that verything from this marketplace that ends up being broadcasted on Tv should be treated equally.
Why a logo sting that ends up in Tv is paid 20$ (from EE even 0.01 aka for free) while the soundtrack is licensed for 150-800$?

There’s a lot of money left on the table and you Envato, and we authors are missing a huge opportunity to maximize our profits.
Right now it’s a lose-lose for both of us, but things must change.

Would you Envato, or anyone who’s reading, be happy to see any of your items during the SuperBowl ads? :sweat_smile:

Last time a 30sec slot was priced 5.6million$…just saying :joy:

So please start considering this option, I’m pretty sure you would make 100% of the authors happy!

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I agree. I know a place where if you want to use media on TV, you have to pay an extra $150 to base price and its ok. But i think this will not be possible because of most authors are willing to sell their videos for almost free. And now buyers want buy high quality videos for $8.