So Unprofessional


It’s not just unprofessional.

Finally, a reminder that it is against the law to price your item at an amount other than that which you actually intend to sell your item. This means that “overpricing” your item (for example at $1,000,000), only to then lower your price temporarily in response to a sales inquiry from a customer is not allowed. This conduct is considered by law to be misleading or deceptive and places you at risk. This is the case for any pricing practice (both overly high or low) where it is clear the author has no real intention of selling the item at that price.


@FlossieWood my budget only extends to $4015 - would you be willing to drop your already reasonable price?

Now now Graham, you know we are not allowed to discuss pricing strategy :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and I certainly wouldn’t negotiate on my prices which are very, very cheap!!! I will happily take your 4k though!

I guess we all need that new kitchen.

Well, after all, that is where all women belong :grin:

lol…and yes.

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Hey all,

While I see the merit behind this post, as many of you know calling out authors is against the forum rules, so I’ve had to close this thread.

In light of current discussion, I might add that however frustrated we all may feel about authors’ decisions regarding prices, it’s important to understand that A: we all have our own strategies and different ways of approaching ADP, and B: it’s early days for all of us; many authors are experimenting and approaching the market from different angles. We’ll likely see a bumpy next few weeks before the market balances out. The most important take away to remember is that you, the author, are now in control of your own prices.