Republish theme


Sales for one of my themes nearly came to zero last year. However, I have a strong affinity for this product and am eager to breathe new life into it. I’m considering two options:

  1. Deleting the current theme, incorporating fresh features for another category needs, changing its name, and submitting it as a new item in a different category. Is it ok according to market policy?
  2. Keeping the existing item on the market and developing a similar one with added functionality for another purpose and a new name in a different category.

First or second approach do you think is better?


  • You’re not allowed to do that, if you do, the result would be a rejection.
  • Only possible with/without e-Commerce. You cannot just re-sale the item as new with “advanced” features, it’d be not fair to the customers who already purchased the first copy and they will request refund to get the second item.

Time to create a new one.