Report of Quality and Support Issues with Purchased Script

To the Envato Market Customer Support Team,

I am writing to report a significant issue I have encountered with a recent purchase made through the Envato Market platform. The purchase in question is a script from Tradexpro, and I would like to bring to your attention the following concerns:

  1. Quality of the Product:
    Upon purchasing the script, I expected it to meet the quality and functionality standards as advertised on your platform. Unfortunately, I have found the script to be faulty and unreliable, resulting in disruptions to my website and a loss of trust from my customers.
  2. Support Agreement:
    When I initially purchased the script, I was promised six months of free support. However, when I attempted to access this support, I was met with requests for additional payments from Tradexpro, which is contrary to the original agreement.

I have attempted to resolve these issues directly with Tradexpro, but my concerns have not been adequately addressed. I believe that as a customer using the Envato Market platform, I should be able to rely on the quality of products sold here and the support offered by the authors.

I kindly request your assistance in mediating this matter and ensuring that the issues with the purchased script are resolved promptly. It is my hope that Envato Market can help uphold the standards of quality and service expected from sellers on your platform.

If necessary, I am willing to provide further documentation and details regarding this matter. I appreciate your prompt attention to this issue and look forward to your response.

You need to open a ticket with support - the forums are not for this.

That said - that item has a perfect rating so if you raise it with envato then you will need to provide examples of the issue.

Plus @itechtheme has replied to you despite it only having been a few hours and support being listed a sup to 2 business days and offered to install it if you are struggling.

I have been contacting them for more than 1 month regarding this issue

Please create a support ticket here:

We have a dedicated team to give customer support. Please reach our support portal to get support and please mention details of your issue in the ticket.

We always listen to our customer issues. Sometimes we fix it immediately or we give updates to the next update. We don’t know which issue are facing for more than one month. Please raise your issue with our support portal.
Best regards,
Itech team

Thanks for your responses.
Please note that I have already created a ticket

I need to know about the product, this is the place for it, people dont sell a complete product and try to get more money from you for doing a job that should have been done, and you have the support license, and they just ask for more money
I know i bought some software, and a lot of those ratings are fake