Report comment not working...

since now report comment is not working and old reported comment are still there for over 7 month marked as " under review " honestly with the 40% that i share with evanto i think at least evanto should offer a better process for authors.
now i cannot even click report comment. If you do not have time to care about us author then reduce your fee and at least we will feel like we are not paying those fee for nothing. I have contacted the help 2 time and each time they are too busy to take care of that at the momment but 7 month later that is still the same story that have absolutely no sence. For myself if i do not answer 1 customer for more than 3 day evanto team are first to contact me saying " why why why " should i told them " i do not have time at the momment " ? of course not … then please fix the comment issue.


We’re in the process of handing off the item comment flag clearing. So that’s why things are a bit behind. We’ll have everything back to normal once the hand over is complete.

I’ll try and clear out a few old ones so you can flag again.

thanks hope this will be back to normal soon since under review comment do not look good on a item comment section.

Create another user ID and if it’s needed, start flagging the comments, till it’s fixed

it will work but that should not be the solution … it is like fixing your car with some ducktape

Actually, it’s like renting a car when yours is broken. If it’s urgent, it’s OK but for long time, it’s stupid

Any news? We can’t report any comment and this is driving us nuts for some days now.

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Kingdog have manually removed few of them to allow me to report but soon the problem will reapear. the fact is that im not only reporting my own item comment but sometime when i see on another item a buyers displaying his server ftp info or license key directly to the comment section to protect customer and the seller i report them.

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Please do something about this Envato, this is a serious problem.

Thank you!

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pretty sure if it was 1$ fee for each reported comment they will remove them within 10 min but anyway after 2 year selling on here i learned that author are last on their respect list …