replace one theme that requires annual costs to another that doesn't

My Word Press site is a memoire, using photographs and timelines (like “cool” timeline). I started with Divi, which says I have to pay every year to get updates, etc. I want to get rid of Divi, and get something without annual updates. The initial cost is less of an issue.

In addition, it would be great if I don’t lose anything when I change the theme.

where you found this? have you purchased the theme from themeforest.

No, purchased directly from ■■■■. Unfortunately. After you buy the theme, you get no update, no support, unless you pay the annual subscription. For life I suppose. It means you buy the theme, you are forced to stay with it, especially if you have done a lot of work with it. Unless… you can switch to something better. And that is my problem. I can use themes and apps, but not sure what happens when I want to get rid of a theme I don’t like.

as you have purchased directly then Envato can’t Assist you about that Item. But as you want to rid the theme then I would like to recommend check the following theme and choose one of the best for you.

To migrate your current theme to new theme you can hire freelancer. For doing this new theme Integration job I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable.


The theme you are currently using (Divi) has a one of lifetime price too.

Themes on themeforest sometimes disappear of the market so make sure you go with a very established theme. Moving over can be a pain in the neck too. You will need to pay to renew support after 6 months should you ever need.

Good Luck

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Thank you! Much appreciated!


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