Replace images with placeholders in PSD

I have a Soft Rejection
Delete the images from the main file and replace with placeholders.
But i dont know how to replace img with placeholders in my PSD
Please help

Create placeholders using the link on your post and insert them the same way you would if it were a regular image

Dear Yulikol mam, Do you find the solve your problem. I design a flyer and it also get soft reject and it say same thing like your. It says-
“Please remove all images from the main files and state they are not included in the item description.
Only provide image placeholders”. I couldn’t understand what to do. I insert all the image using shape mode(Shape tool). do i need to insert using pixel layer mode(rectangular marquee tool) or something…? When you have a free time, please replay me… Thanks. take care.

All these warnings are saying is that while you can use images (assuming you have permission or relevant licenses) in the demo of the file they must not be included in the downloadable version that a buyer receives.

This version of the file should use a placeholder image instead.

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Thanks thanks thanks… unlimited thanks Charlie bro… I really mean it… My item is approved now… thanks for your help… ok then, take care your self and stay happy all the time… good luck.:blush::blush::blush: