Renty - Car Rental & Booking

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

I’m getting above error when I try to install the Renty theme.

In Help Center it says to download Installable WordPress file like in this image. image

but I get something like this

I did everything what help centre said about this error.

Please Help me I need to finish this site b4 monday. I did send a message to author also but no reply yet.

If it’s the item I’m thinking it is, then it’s an HTML5 template, rather than a Wordpress Theme. I couldn’t find any Wordpress Themes with that name.

OMG. I went and look at the theme. yes it is html template. Can I Get A Refund since I cant use this template

I’m not sure, but you can can always contact the author and explain what happened, via their help page or the contact box on their profile.

Thank You.