Hi, I’m looking for a theme or plugin for truck rental.
The condition is that the machine can be rented for half a day or a few hours.
To see what machines we have and at what times they are booked.

This is how it might look. To make the calendar large and easily clear so that the customer can mark the date and time when the machine needs

Well thank you :slight_smile:

Car rental themes/extensions will work for you as well

I need the machine to be bookable for a few hours, not just for the whole day. I need it when a customer comes to the web to see all the machines and when he opens a particular machine to see the available dates and time for that particular machine. Car rentals work so that the car can usually be booked for at least one day and after clicking on a specific car I do not see if the car is available.

Do you have a specific type of plugin or template that would know this?

You can try this plugin:
You can see the example " Demo" :

The other option for you: