rent collection site wordpress

I want to setup a website where I can collect rent for my property rent outs.
basically I have more than 150 shop, which are rented out to various persons. I want a way so that they can pay the rent online.
till now they have to come to me to pay the rent.
can you suggest me which type of website will suit me? will a subscription management site will do my job?

one more important point is, everyone’s rent is different. so a standard format of subscription rates will not work. Have to set different rent for every one.

Hello @chaitany,

One question. Why they dont pay over net banking? You have bank account and they can pay you every month to your bank account .

you don’t need a specific plugin unless you want fancy features, can easily be done with a paypal button where they set the amount to pay you.

They can pay but then they won’t get detailed payment receipt. such as for which shop no. they paid and which month rent they paid.
As per Indian Law It’s important to mention these details
So I need that

Yes PayPal is available in India, but they are in initial stage at present. not much people are aware of it. If I setup PayPal, still I have to send them manually a receipt mentioning rent details.
I want to setup these automated.
One more problem is Sometimes they pay in cash too. I can not setup PayPal to accept payments in cash.

You need to decide on which way they will pay. And after that you need to decide about payment gateway.
It is possible to make script which will send email or SMS with data what to pay on which account. But you need to check is that paid.
Or that they all pay with credit cards. That is custom made site. There is no out of box solution.

I want a solution where subscriber have two different way to pay. one is online with his card or netbanking and second an offline payment, like Wire Transfer.
I want something where I can setup a customer with shop no. and rent per month. So that he can simply log on to website and pay their rent. or he comes to my office where I can accept the payment on cash and issue receipt.

I dont know what budget you have but that is custom made site. You will not find out of box solutions.

you just want an invoicing app then, there are loads out there that have nothing to do with WP or there are WP plugins, have a look at ones available and see if they fit your needs, if they don’t then might be worth contacting a developer to build something you want (but won’t be cheap).