Once again, I welcome all kind people to this forum.
I need help from the community again and really hope to get help here. For four years I have been trying to upload music to audio jungle, but I have never succeeded.

The reason for the refusal is usually the following: Thank you very much for your submission. After much consideration it has been decided that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

I decided to try uploading the track again, but this time I want to avoid the stress of rejection this time and consult with the community.

  1. Is this track suitable for audio jungle?
  2. If so, what style can it be attributed to?
    What needs to be fixed in this track to be accepted for audio jungle?
    Я буду очень благодарен.

Eleven hours have passed, and there is not a single answer (((sadness sadness. I’m in despair. Are there really no good people here?

Eleven hours have passed, and there is not a single answer (((sadness sadness. I’m in despair. Are there really no good people here?

Is there at least one person here who can help me?
Or are there already established authors for whom my problem is not interesting and does not cause sympathy? (((

There are plenty of good people here and too many have been “burnt” by some authors who have not been happy with helpful feedback provided in order to give some understanding of a rejected item. I am sure that you are not one of the authors who will be offended by any perception of negative feedback but I personally think that a number of authors have given up trying to be helpful as it sometimes end up as negative feedback rather than seen as constructive criticism.

Good luck for you future submisions.


Is there at least one person here who has been working for four years, and there is not a single approved track?
How can I deal with despair?

Then there is no point in this forum ((When I receive a refusal, I receive a link to this forum in a letter, and the statement that they will help me here … But it turns out that there is no help ((Why then the reviewer gave me a link to this forum. Probably they just laugh at me ((

Is there at least one person here who can help me? If not, then at least tell me where to look for help? I’m desperate((

The same problems

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No. We’re all absolute monsters!
Seriously though, sometimes it takes a little while for people who have some spare time to give their thoughts on these things, and it has been very quiet around here lately in general. Also, I think it’s a tricky track to comment on. It’s a fairly serviceable track that has no glaringly obvious faults.

First off, don’t resubmit this track, as resubmitting a hard rejected track is against the rules and Envato could suspend your uploading rights if they find that you do that a lot. Upload it to other stock music sites. I’m sure it will be accepted on other platforms like P5.

Personally, I quite like the track. It’s got an upbeat forward driving momentum to it. For me, the synth sounds are a bit dated, which isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, it’s more like just a taste thing. I think customers of Audio Jungle are perhaps looking for something a little more modern sounding - especially in the tech category - but this kind of music is not my forte, so someone else might have better ideas about that.

Sonically, the mix is a little bit meh. It’s ok, does the job. It’s well balanced, but it’s all a bit middle of the line and lacks interest, punch and sparkle. More stereo aspects to the synth patches might help a bit. Feels like it could be a bit wider in general.