Greetings to all kind people. I have a problem, and may have a nervous breakdown … For three years I have been submitting my work to audio jungle, and I always get rejections …
And now my composition is in the queue for consideration for the sixth day … For this reason, my nerves are at the limit, I can not sleep. and no appetite due to the stress of waiting …

I ask for advice and an assessment of the suitability of my work. Do I have a chance that the work will be approved? Or is there something I don’t know? Maybe no one is watching my downloads, and after fifteen days the robot makes an automatic refusal?
I need help.

The duration of the review is about 13,5 days atm. Nothing to worry about.What you should worry about is the track approval. There are some issues. Please take this as an advice. The timing of the LFO ( or the sidechain) is not quite in order. The fade out of the main drum track in the middle of the song is not a good approach also. The fade out at the end of the track is a reason of rejection itself.


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very grateful to you. Do you think I should delete it and modify what to submit again?

@Oleh_Slesarchuk . I am not a reviewer. So maybe some other authors may have another opinion. You would like to hear some other opinions aswell in order to delete it.Cheers and good luck.

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Hey @Oleh_Slesarchuk , I would agree to @Soundtrickz. The LFO of the chords track is out of sync, it’s a bit too late always. Check please, if the LFO is correctly synced to the song tempo and check if the Midi notes of the chords are in the right synced place. And I agree, that the fade out of the drum track and the overall fade out at the end is not a good idea.
I would also not place the watermark directly at the start of the song at a first event. The song starts also very hard with that vocal sample, sounds like the song was cutted at this place.
My advice: Delete, fix and upload again.
And don’t woory about the review time. You can find the average review time for the last 7 days on AJ here.

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Thank you very much. I will do so, following your advice.

the drum rhythm also is weird, and combining the rhythm with the synth is weird

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Another thing I notice is that there’s almost no bass, except for the kick drum.
I suggest you to check the track with some other reference in this genre, and maybe check the way you hear and feel the lowest frequencies in your studio/headphones.
Hope this helps.

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well maybe this is the time you watch all the courses youtube has to offer, because im 99% sure this track you attached wont be accepted.
Its all about overall quality which mainly is your choice of sounds (imho) and mixing. lfo and drum patterns are not main problem here as i see it.

the easiest way to know if you`are ready is to compare your music to simular music on the market.