Renewal of support for other time zones NOT FAIR

I am writing today here since the Envato support team doesn´t really help.
I also hope that some other customers will read this and I would be glad to hear your opinion(s).

So here is what happened to me.
My support for an item would expire on the 19th of April so I decided to renew it a day before in order to save some money.
It was around 6:30pm (Germany) on the 18th of April when I logged in and what do I see? The reduced price is not anymore there. Why? Because it was 1:30am in Australia so it was already the 19th of April for them.

I thought that Envato will understand their mistake so I wrote to them.
Unfortunately the don´t want to accept that although there is nowhere in their terms written that we should follow the AEST (australian time zone).

Am I supposed to know that? If yes, then you people should write it in the reminding email you send about the support. Otherwise customers like me will only read the most important: the date.

I would really like to know what others think about it as in my opinion this is not correct.
Envato should at least consider this as their own mistake and offer me the reduced price, at least for this time.

All the best

Hello Asterios,

Are you sure the timezone was not specified in the footer of the support renewal email?
All emails from Envato have in the footer (or in any place where a time is specified) the word “AEST” like for instance this one:

All the best!

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Hello Hevada,

I am totally sure. Have a look for your self in the PDF.
What would you understand under “The price of Support Extensions will not be available after the expiry date.”???

All the best

P.S. Why can I not upload files from my PC? Am I still considered as a new user after at least 5 years with Envato?

I can understand why you’re upset. The email indeed does not specify the timezone (although I am not sure if it isn’t specified somewhere in the links mentioned in the email)

At this point, I would suggest continuing the discussion with Envato Support department, in the ticket already open. We, in the forums, I am afraid we cannot do much regarding this.

Regarding the upload images issue, Envato Forums are based on something called Discourse (which is a modern forum software). And this is based on user trust levels. You can increase your user trust level when you read more posts, when you reply to other users and in general, when you are more active in the forums.

I hope it helps a bit, if there something I could help with, please let me know :slight_smile:

Hi @koelnermusikakademie ! Open a support ticket to clarify your question here
I’m sure that you will decide the issue, without panic! Good luck and good mood!

Finally someone with some understanding…thank you.

So you think I should continue the discussion with the operator from the support?
Ok I will do and let´s see what happens.


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Thank you CleanMagicAudio for your suggestion but that´s the first thing I did before writing here in the forum.
I wrote here just to see what others think about it, since the support is not helping.

All the best

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Did you write in support of this issue? Support Envato does not leave any issue without attention. (Usually they answer you from 1 hour to 2 days.)

This is the answer? Try to formulate your problem again and write a second ticket. Good luck!

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Provide screenshots of the letter (in support) in which time was not displayed and therefore you were misled!

I appreciate your will to help but I have sent at least 5 replies to the support. I have done all the things you are suggesting, arguments, screenshots etc.
For the moment I asked to talk to someone else from the support, since it is useless to repeat my arguments to the same guy.

As they will answer you, write here! I really hope that your problem will be solved in the shortest possible time! Good luck!

I hope so too and of course I will let you know.

Thanks a lot.

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My opinion…

  1. If it doesn’t say then it probably wasn’t the best idea to assume it was based on your time zone.

  2. But if it doesn’t say then it should say… so that’s something that needs to be changed.

  3. If it doesn’t say then Envato should make an exception and honour the discounted price. Once they’ve rectified the communication of timezones then they won’t have to do that moving forward.

  4. If it does say somewhere (I couldn’t find it), then that needs to be more prominent… to avoid such issues in the future.

Keep on with support, hopefully they’ll manage to help.

Thank you SpaceStockFootage for writing here your opinion, much appreciated.

I also believe Envato should make a clear statement on that in order to avoid missunderstandings.

Good morning to everyone,

this is an update on how the story continues.

I received an answer from Envato’s leadership team basically saying the same things like the support guy told me. Nothing new, no exception.

I feel very dissappointed by them and the fact they can´t understand their mistake.
I have no more ideas on how to go on with that.

Best Regards

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Yes it’s very sad, be careful. See the Australian time next time!Do not worry !