Renew support value

The support renewal value is too high. It could be 10% or 20% of the value of the theme! US$ 41.13 (suport tagDiv theme Newspaper) is higher than most themes and plugins found on Envato!

It’s really not - because it’s all based on item prices which are already cheap for what we get, even the higher reveal costs when existing support has expired is borderline offensively low

  • buyers already get 6 months and lifetime updates guaranteed for FREE (not a given by any means on other marketplaces) so any renewal is effectively only the first payment for support.

  • in your example $41 wouldn’t even be a typical hourly cost of any half decent developer, let alone potentially multiple requests for 6 months

Worth noting that the cost of support varies depending on when you purchase it.

All the details are here:

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