Render Time

Hi there. I’m a new user and wondering how I can find out the render time of individual After FX templates available on Videohive.

I downloaded a project recently to help speed up an edit I was working on and it took 1 second to render 16 frames so it took several hours to render a 60 second piece. I work for Sky Sports in the UK and do not have the luxury of time most days.

Can anyone tell me how to spot a fast rendering project from a slow one?



They’ll sometimes mention it in the description if it’s fast to render. Otherwise, you can always contact the author or ask in the comments section. Things to avoid would be anything that looks like it uses a lot of layers to give the impression of 3D text, a lot of 3D in general, motion blur and depth of field in 3D comps… lots of noise and grain etc.

I’m guessing it wasn’t one second for 16 frames… that would be about two minutes for a 60 second clip!

In well organized project is possible to off or simlpy hide some high effect layers for faster render time. Often that project is lookig very good still.