Render Problem.


Hi there,

There is a problem with me render settings but I can’t find it. I wanna render a project to .mov without any compression. First of all the duration for it is painful long, second of all; after one Houre after effects stops completely with the render process. Result: I have a 3 second video.
My computer is brand new and clean but I can’t find any settings in AE to solve the problem. So Some help here would be nice. :wink:


For LONG renders I DO recommend first rendering to image sequences like TIFF, don’t just use MOV if your render times are super long.

Awesome feature AE has is that it can resume from last rendered frame, so if you’r render stop with no reason or you got power failure, then you can quickly render on other frames. However, make sure to enable “Skip Existing Frames” in render settings.

Now regarding your question:) I sometimes have the same problem when rendering to QuickTime ProRez files. So my workaround is to render to image sequences and then later combine them all with QuickTime 7 player to a single movie.

Try this, this might help you out.



Try to render .mov with “Animation” codec. Also try to turn off multiprocessing if it’s turned on.

And yes, as rendertom said, it’s even better if you render out image sequences. PNG for example


I agree with rendertom,
You can try rendering as PNG sequence if that goes as a Final animation,
Try Jpeg sequence with full quality and render to FLV if for Preview for VH


I’d second all of that.

  • Render to an image sequence.
  • Turn multi-processing off.
  • Turn disk cache on (and allocate lots of space).
  • Make sure there's a significant amount of free space (100gb+) on your System drive. (for swap)
  • Don't use media / footage that's bigger than it needs to be.
  • Don't use CS4 or below ( :D )

In a desperate situation, use the Secret settings in preferences to flush the image cache RAM every X frames.


I disabled multiprocessing. The file is rendering at the moment in a quicktime JPEG file (best). 2 hours far now but still 55 hours to go at the moment. This is what you get with to mutch blur I guess. Still a CS4 user here.


Dude, are you serious???
57 hours of render and you are rendering to a Quick Time movie?

Well, you know, you’ll lear the lesson to render to image sequences once your render is nearly done and you have power failure:)

P.S. Didn’t want to sound rude, just want to escalate the benefits and importance of rendering to image sequences.


This is my first project that tooks over two hours. The projects before where rendered to quicktime with no compression. The ‘55 hours left’ is now downsized to 45 hours. I think it takes 30 hours for this one which is not completely insane. :stuck_out_tongue:


How long is the project in seconds and what res? To be honest, anything over a minute a frame for After Effects is pretty much beyond the pale. (and that’s if you’re doing something extreme). That would give you a 20-30 hour render for 1 minute screen time.

To be honest, you’ve almost certainly done something avoidable that’s bringing AE to a grinding halt. Watch while it renders one frame and see if you can ascertain where it is. Try rendering at half res. If it takes much less than quarter of the time, then you’re running out of RAM. If you don’t have disk cache on and no swap space on your HD, then Ae has nowhere to turn.

Sometimes, these things can be solved with pre-renders too. That breaks the rendering down into tasks.


After effects crashed, I gonna try it with pre-renders felt ty.

Edit: 90 sec. long - 1920 x 1080 - 29.97f/sec This project is for VH, how will my buyers react if they press the render button? haha


I think your project will be at least soft rejected if you don’t correct your scene to normal render times.


Don’t know why, but I’m sure the problem in motion or lens blurs :slight_smile:
If you have “force motion blur” effect, turn it off and see what happens.
Also “Grain” effect can increase render time 2-4x


3d stacked layers and motion blurs will not work if you have many layers. After Effects will crash or hang for hours if the camera points “on the side” of that 3D stack. If after effects gives you no error then probably he is calculating the motion blur.

if you are doing this type of project off course


I never use CS4 for rendering. for now, I’m using CS6 for rendering. I am quite satisfied with the CS6. :smiley: