Renaming .aep project


Have u try download your own item on VideoHive?
i just wondering when i submit a VideoHive item. Will Envato rename the .aep file as default name and title or not? Because i am forget to rename my project


It’s named whatever you named it.


oh god! :frowning:
Thanks for reply.


What name can be so bad? :smile:

You can always update the file once it’s been accepted. Or if the reviewer doesn’t like the filename, you may get a ‘soft reject’, saying rename your file, resubmit and then you’re good.




The project I’m working on is named “NONAMEYET.aep” :laughing:


L :laughing: L !!!


i only give this name 2016.aep haha
Fortunately Envato approved my item faster only 2-3 days for a promo bundle :smile: