Removing it was a mistaken purchase


lately we’ve been getting this kind of refund request a bit to often.
Is this option really necessary for users to select? Don’t we encourage them with it and actually tell them that it is ok to ask a refund on this notion?

I have yet to have an experience were client actually buys one of our other themes instead of the one? We have tried to be nice and explain but in the end to avoid a a bad rating and review we eventually to give the refund.

For example last refund request was “it was a mistaken purchase” - This template does not support wix… and it is a PSD template :confused:

This is getting absurd. 90% of refunds requests we get are because of something like that and because images are not


This is the most used excuse to get a refund. We, and most of the authors don’t approve a refund on this ground. Please do not accept refunds on “mistaken purchase”. To get things clear we even put a banner on all our products specifically saying this : This is a “HTML” file - we do not offer refunds based on mistaken purchases. Since we put this banner up we only had 1 request, that we denied.

I know how you feel. I got a few of these and they were becoming absurd since the item titles I have clearly state what the item is. Therefore, I made a FAQ section at the bottom of every item. Clear as day.

Is this item a WordPress Theme? No. This item as the title says is a Site Template. To use it in WordPress you must convert it to a theme.

Is this item a PhoneGap / Cordova / Mobile ready built app?
No. This item as the title says is a Site Template. To use it as an App you must first convert it using PhoneGap or Cordova. The item is fully compatible with PhoneGap and Cordova as long as the Operating System Requirements (OS Requirements) above are met as PhoneGap and Cordova are compatible with any HTML, CSS and JS item on the planet as per their official website frequently asked questions sections.

I accidentally purchased thinking it’s an App or WP Theme. Can I get a refund?
We do not provide refunds for these sorts of mistaken purchases. This FAQ section was built specifically to answer those questions in order to avoid mistaken purchases. If there is anything we left out, please feel free to leave an item comment and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time. We will reject refunds that are based on “mistaken purchase” reasons.

I considered educating the buyer is a great solution. So I didn’t directly jump to “You’re not getting a refund if you think this is something else” .

Didn’t get any refund requests since, and I will surely reject all of them as I’m very strict about reading the description before purchasing.

I find it incredible that the mistaken purchase reason even exists since when you purchase something the first thing you read is what it does … I purchased a Windows license, and I accidentally believed it was the latest Call Of Duty … can I get a refund? Any service provider will most likely give you a big fat “Nope!” Especially since you cannot return these products since they are digital.

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