Removing elementor template kit css

Hello guys… Just tried out the new template kits, and they’re awesome except for one thing… When you import a kit, it adds a new class to the body, corresponding to the kit name/number… This new class comes with its css as expected. After trying to revert to my custom design, without the kit, it seems it’s impossible to get rid of this class and its css… There’s an option to clear the ‘elements’ plugin cache. I thought this would do that but it doesn’t… Has anyone been able to deal with this problem successfully?


Only free kits include CSS or custom classes. Custom classes are added to the Advanced tab of the element they affect, but you don’t really need to remove all of those settings - just remove the CSS under Appearance > Customize in the Custom CSS panel. If no CSS is there, that data is not coming from the kit, but perhaps from the Theme Styles which can be deleted under Templates > All Saved Templates by searching for ‘global’ and deleting the global styles template. I can provide more specific help if you let me know what the kit name is.